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How Small Businesses Can Benefit from Working in a Serviced Business Centre

The growth of the serviced business centre is one of the UK’s biggest success stories of the past few years. The value of the sector in the UK has been put at £16 billion, if you use conventional methods, and even this might be a conservative estimate. The area is likely to grow much bigger, too, with some analysts saying its net worth could be as high as £126 billion by 2025.

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No dog owners enjoy leaving their pet alone while they are not at home but someone has to bring home the bacon! A lot of dog owners do not know how their pets cope once they have been left alone and in a society where many dog owners work full time, dogs can be left for long periods without company. In recent studies, scientists have revealed that some dogs can spend up to half an hour whining, barking and howling after their owners leave them alone. Anxious dogs can urinate, defecate or vomit and can even try to hurt themselves. Through boredom dogs can chew on items of furniture which is understandably stressful for the owners when they return from work.

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Finding space for the digital workplace

At the turn of the 21st century, acclaimed futurist Ray Kurzweil predicted that 20,000 years of progress would happen over the next 100 years. In reality, technology has transformed how we work even faster than Kurzweil thought – especially over the past two decades.

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Tiggy Bradshaw Managing Director Access Care Management Limited

Free parking, easy access at all times of the day and night, good facilities and responsive staff make Basepoint Andover a great choice to run your business. Being in a c…

Justin Bass, JM Business Advisor

Basepoint has been a superb springboard for me and the service and support offered at every stage has been first class. The team were great – made something that could…

Ed Binsted MD - Binsted Group Limited

I have had over four very happy years at Andover Basepoint, the facilities are excellent, there is free parking and the site is safe and secure. The working environment h…