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Want to sharpen your focus at work? Try honing your ability to retain and recall important details. Matthew Jenkin shares five simple yet creative strategies for remembering more of what you read It’s Monday morning and you’re sitting at your desk, trying to read an article that you’ll need to remember for a meeting later in the week. But wait – here’s an email from the boss you need to reply to. Suddenly the phone rings. Oh, and Sally from marketing is doing a tea round. Before you know it, your mind has been pulled in so many directions you’ve forgotten everything you just read. Sound familiar?

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If you are looking for a space where you can do some work, meet a client or simply enjoy a cup of coffee while working, we might be able to help. Basepoint is part of the IWG Group, along with the global provider Regus.

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How to Go Offline in a Digital World

In an era of increasing ‘digital pollution’, authors Imran Rashid and Soren Kenner offer their five golden tips for recognising the online ‘mind hacks’ that stress us out and avoiding the potentially disastrous side-effects of information overload. Etan Smallman reports

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Want to come up with unique branding ideas for your business? Unfortunately, that one factor comes into focus. There is no sufficient capital in the accounts. Still, you want to sell your product to audiences. Your products are what make your business live each day as if it had a beating heart of its own. Technically, it does. When a company fails, it’s gone forever. When it strives, it’s alive. Here’s some good news. Branding is not expensive. Don’t listen to that one branding agency when they deliver a high price even they can not afford. Research other options and sell your business to customers. Here is a list of top 5 inexpensive branding methods for small businesses.

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Co-Working Launched in Andover

Basepoint Andover have recently announced the launch of their new flexible workspace product, reserved CoWorking, available at the Andover centre now.

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Tiggy Bradshaw Managing Director Access Care Management Limited

Free parking, easy access at all times of the day and night, good facilities and responsive staff make Basepoint Andover a great choice to run your business. Being in a c…

Justin Bass, JM Business Advisor

Basepoint has been a superb springboard for me and the service and support offered at every stage has been first class. The team were great – made something that could…

Ed Binsted MD - Binsted Group Limited

I have had over four very happy years at Andover Basepoint, the facilities are excellent, there is free parking and the site is safe and secure. The working environment h…