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7 Ways to Reduce Interruptions at Work

As the pace of work seems to get more intense, most of us seem to be trying to fit more into every day. But it seems our efforts to be more productive in less time is being undermined by one thing – interruptions.

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The Benefits of Charity Work for SMEs

With small businesses facing constant pressure on profits, carrying out charity work might seem to be a low priority for some companies. However, fundraising for worthy causes can bring with it a series of benefits for company owners and employees, not to mention the charity itself.

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Projecting a Professional Image for Your Business On a Limited Budget

One of the biggest reasons a business owner decides to take the momentous step of renting dedicated office space is to look professional, to clients and customers, but also to potential suppliers and financial organisations, such as banks or loan companies. Clients and suppliers alike are reassured by seeing a fixed landline telephone number and an official-looking business address.

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6 Top Tips to Help Small Business Owners Cut Stress

Stress in the workplace is a major concern for businesses of all sizes, with many millions of working days being lost every year as a result of related conditions. Small business owners can be especially vulnerable, because they often work long hours, take work home with them and feel under personal pressure to ensure their company succeeds.

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Could an Office Move Cut Your Commuting Time?

Commuting times have grown for many people across the UK over recent years. An increasing number of employees spend an hour or even more travelling each way, while commuting times can be much worse in some areas such as London or other congested inner cities.

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Helen Beauvais, Design Manager, Nettl Brighton East.

“The team here at Basepoint Newhaven are very helpful, professional and friendly. They have organised many great business and networking events at the centre that has e…

Stacey Boyce, Universal City Conferences

“I would like to say big thank you to Basepoint Newhaven Centre for accommodating our every need. We have moved to Newhaven centre in December 2016 and we are very look…

Rob Little, Founder of HILLINGAR® / MyTeamSafe®

“When we moved offices 7 years ago we were looking for something a bit more professional, friendly and cost effective…. We got it wrong … Basepoint Newhaven is tota…