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Praise for DIY SOS-style heroes who revamped popular attraction

Helping to improve the 1471 flower bed are, left to right: Charles Davies, Ollie Alonso, Theresa Johns and Stuart Luker. Unselfish volunteers sprung into DIY SOS-style action to spruce up an area of Tewkesbury. It might not have been on the scale of the BBC One television show, which sees Nick Knowles and his team transform people’s homes with the help of the public. But the fact that two companies helped to tidy up a popular attraction in the town for free has impressed Tewkesbury in Bloom volunteers.

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Love Basepoint, Love Wellness

As Wellness January was such a success at Basepoint Business Centres around the country, we are looking to continue with the theme of Business Wellness, making sure companies have what they need to thrive and flourish. As a company, what could be more important than the wellness of your business? Here at Basepoint we offer flexible office spaces to suit all types of company needs, serviced meeting rooms and virtual office packages for those companies that work from home but would like a business address.

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Family of ducks safely escorted to water

June seems to be the month for wildlife. We spotted a family of 6 ducklings with their mom, on our car park, trying to make their way to water. Unfortunately, the closest water source is about 2 miles away with a lot of major roads to cross. We were able to round the ducklings up and keep them in a dog carrier. Our centre manager, Claire almost caught the mom, but in her own words "she was just too flappy". The mom didn't wander far and Vale Wildlife rescue were able to catch her and drive them to a river access point. If you are a lost wildlife species and would like to be rescued please join us at Basepoint Business Centre Tewkesbury.....

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Basepoint Licensee participates in the BIZ FIT Challenge to raise money for the MS Society

Everyclick who are a licensee of Basepoint Evesham are fundraising for the MS Society! On Friday 23rd June 6 staff members are taking on the BizFit challenge of virtually reaching the summit of Mount Everest by climbing the Malvern Hills from the British Camp Car Park to the British Camp Fort. They are raising money for the MS Society to help them make a difference and find a cure! So please give what you can and support us make a difference as we climb to the summit of the virtual Mount Everest: https://www.everyclick.com/aimhigh You can find out more at http://biz-fit.co.uk/

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We rescued a baby seagull at Basepoint Business Centre

Our Handy person Bob, found a baby seagull hiding underneath a car on our car park. The parents were around but there was no way of getting him back into his nest as it was too high up. We contacted Vale WIldlife Rescue Centre who advised us to put him in a cardboard box and bring him to the centre. We did and he is doing well. We named him 'Tinkerbell' . All in a day's work at Basepoint Business Centre Tewkesbury.

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Devereux and Hunt

The Basepoint Business Centre in Tewkesbury provides us with everything we need to be able to run our business in a calm professional environment. Any problems regarding …

David Billingham, David Billingham & Partners

I just wanted to extend my warmest thanks to the team at Basepoint Tewkesbury for your help this afternoon. In the hectic world which I seem to inhabit it is a real plea…

Diana Stephens

Fantastic offices, professional staff. A cost effective yet desirable option for all types of businesses.