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A Virtual Office could be a simple cost-effective way to give your business the professional edge, at a fraction of the cost of an office.

Whilst focusing on the excitement of developing a product or growing a client base, sometimes the administrative side of ‘going it alone’ can be overlooked. The simple act of setting up a professional address for your business correspondence however, is one of the easiest ways to give your company a professional image from the start

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Over three quarters of SME’s in the UK have delayed office moves because of stress, according to a recent survey by energy provider E.On. It’s well known that moving house is stressful but it can be even more of a strain for companies, who need to ensure their businesses carries on operating throughout.

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Dippy the Diplodocus

The streets of Dorchester are being lined with green as the much-anticipated arrival of Dippy is just around the corner.

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Karen Wisbey, Frontline Recruitment Limited

As a new business to Weymouth in 2012 we are celebrating our 4th year at Basepoint, Weymouth. We looked at various options and Basepoint offered the most cost effective w…

Valerie Coles, Historic Motor Racing News Ltd.

When looking to relocate our small business to a more convenient location, Basepoint Business Centre appeared to be a perfect solution. I am very pleased to say it was t…

David Woodall, Aedis

Moving to Basepoint, Weymouth was a great decision for Aedis. The bright and well located offices are a pleasant place to work and the management team are always happy to…