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Winchester University '£226million economic boost' to the region

WINCHESTER University contributes more than £266 million a year to the regional business community, according to a new report. Entitled The Economic Value of the University of Winchester, the report claims that more than £203 million a year is created by its alumni, £20 million a year by student spending and £42 million a year by university expenditure. The university also contributes nearly 10,000 jobs a year into the regional economy.

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The inception of any business is both thrilling and terrifying. In order to rapidly grow your company, it’s important to consider taking calculated risks, but you need to have confidence that these will pay off. Getting your business to the stage of being able to expand its workforce is a major milestone for any startup owner, but employing extra staff too soon, or creating unnecessary roles, can have a costly effect and in some cases, spell the end of your dream of being your own boss. So what are the signs that your business is ready to make its first hire?

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Elon Musk's Seven Productivity Tips

Elon Musk reportedly sent Tesla employees a memo, pledging a big push towards productivity as it gets production of its Model 3 car back on track. To that end, Musk apparently gave employees some of his personal productivity tricks — including a call for common sense, and his blessing to walk out of a meeting if it's not valuable.

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Businesses looking to build a skilled workforce are acting smart and going flexible There is no doubt that flexible workspace is rapidly becoming the new normal. According to IWG’s recent Global Workspace Survey, a staggering 85% of workers worldwide reveal they would prioritise a role that offered flexible working options. In addition, 50% of the 15,000 respondents surveyed confirmed that they work outside their company’s main location for at least half the working week. In fact, it’s what the so-called ‘Generation Flex’­ – an ever-expanding pool of digital nomads who want to plug in at a time and location that suits them – expects.

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Martin Sayers, Hatch Homes Accelerator Ltd

When starting a new business your time is divided between the work and the red tape. Taking a Unit in Basepoint was one of our best decisions. The supportive friendly st…

Deborah Goode, WPA Healthcare

I attended the GEW event as an exhibitor and was blown away with how well run the event was, the number and caliber of the attendees. I will not hesitate to attend again …

Poolemead Accountants (Winchester) Ltd

Basepoint is a friendly and pleasant place to work, surrounded as you are by many other small businesses. Parking and easy access to the M3, A34 and A31 as well as Winche…