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A DOORWAY at Winchester Cathedral that was blocked up during the 1500s could become a fire exit.

The cathedral is seeking the city council's permission to use the gap, which is in the Epiphany Chapel in North Transept. If approved the doorway, which is only visible from the outside, will be filled with timber doors that feature metal studs and hinges. The application reads: "The interior has been completely blocked since the Reformation. "It is Romanesque in origin and is located on the west side of the north transept. It forms part of the first phase of building in 1079-1093 but was blocked up under orders of Thomas Cromwell's commissioners."

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Virtual businesses have been on the rise for more than a decade, and they show no signs of slowing down. Here are seven ways your employees, and your business, can benefit from a virtual office:

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It comes down to two words: employee recognition. Several studies give us a clear snapshot of the impact of human-centered workplaces. As employees increasingly look for meaning and purpose in their work, the need for more recognition has come up time and time again as a strong indicator of employee engagement.

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Martin Sayers, Hatch Homes Accelerator Ltd

When starting a new business your time is divided between the work and the red tape. Taking a Unit in Basepoint was one of our best decisions. The supportive friendly st…

Deborah Goode, WPA Healthcare

I attended the GEW event as an exhibitor and was blown away with how well run the event was, the number and caliber of the attendees. I will not hesitate to attend again …

Poolemead Accountants (Winchester) Ltd

Basepoint is a friendly and pleasant place to work, surrounded as you are by many other small businesses. Parking and easy access to the M3, A34 and A31 as well as Winche…