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It comes down to two words: employee recognition. Several studies give us a clear snapshot of the impact of human-centered workplaces. As employees increasingly look for meaning and purpose in their work, the need for more recognition has come up time and time again as a strong indicator of employee engagement.

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Elon Musk's Seven Productivity Tips

Elon Musk reportedly sent Tesla employees a memo, pledging a big push towards productivity as it gets production of its Model 3 car back on track. To that end, Musk apparently gave employees some of his personal productivity tricks — including a call for common sense, and his blessing to walk out of a meeting if it's not valuable.

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Bootstrap, and be scrappy. If it's cheaper to do it yourself and you're capable, why not give it a shot? Building a company from scratch is no easy task. I know: I've done this successfully a handful of times. I also know that I've learned a lot about the many expenditures you have to account for, from office space and employee salaries to taxes and marketing. But, thankfully, you don't have to do all of this alone -- which means that the main question you face is, exactly where should you spend your money? And, what are the best resources you can turn to, to help build your business without breaking the bank before you even start? Here are a few tips regarding the areas where you can save, and where you would do well to spend.

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Winchester Cathedral Christmas Market and Ice Rink

Now in its 13th year and recognised as one of the best in Europe and renowned for its spectacular location, the Winchester Cathedral Christmas Market brings high quality exhibitors, wonderful Christmas gifts and an abundance of festive foods.

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Martin Sayers, Hatch Homes Accelerator Ltd

When starting a new business your time is divided between the work and the red tape. Taking a Unit in Basepoint was one of our best decisions. The supportive friendly st…

Deborah Goode, WPA Healthcare

I attended the GEW event as an exhibitor and was blown away with how well run the event was, the number and caliber of the attendees. I will not hesitate to attend again …

Poolemead Accountants (Winchester) Ltd

Basepoint is a friendly and pleasant place to work, surrounded as you are by many other small businesses. Parking and easy access to the M3, A34 and A31 as well as Winche…