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Working Ambience


When you are busy at work, it’s easy not to worry too much about what your office space looks like. However, there is plenty of evidence that mood and productivity are affected by our surroundings.

Here, we look at some of the simple steps which can enhance the look and feel of an office. Freshening up the look of your workspace can boost creativity and help to make staff happier and more motivated, and it doesn’t need to cost a fortune.
1. Splash of Colour – Opting for a bright feature wall, for instance in teal blue or green, can create a striking contrast with surrounding white paintwork and help to give a funky feel. Alternatively, you could put up paintings, prints or framed artwork to add interest and brighten up your office walls. If your company specialises in design, you may want to display key examples of your own work and impress visiting clients.
2. Taste of the Outdoors – It’s increasingly recognised that plants and greenery in offices can enhance mood and atmosphere and promote better staff health. For all these reasons, it is a great idea to add some well-chosen plants to a small office design. The ideal is to choose plants which won’t need a lot of looking after and will carry on looking good. The weeping fig, or Ficus benjamina, is one popular choice because it retains its shape particularly well. Others include Kentia palms, money or ‘Jade’ plants, which have thick and glossy green leaves, and various different types of cacti. Just remember to water and feed them as necessary!
3. Changing Desk Layouts – Older desks may take up more space than is needed, if they were built to take heavy old-fashioned computers and monitors rather than the smaller, space-saving models which have now replaced them. If you buy more modern desks, a number of different desk layouts are possible in a smaller space. Moveable desks on castors are increasingly popular in smaller offices, because they make it easier to reconfigure the space as needed.
4. Avoiding Clutter and Improving Storage – To make a small office feel more spacious, it’s important to avoid clutter building up, and this means having enough storage. Modern office furniture can include many clever options for storage solutions, such as shelf units and desks with space to tuck cables away.
5. Shedding Some Light: Another way to create a greater sense of space is to ensure offices are well-lit, and avoid creating dark corners. This is key to keeping staff engaged and motivated and can also boost productivity.