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High Wycombe

Sasha Cycling have recently expanded from a virtual office with Basepoint High Wycombe to their first office here at the centre.

Alex Field, Director of Sasha Cycling, decided to create her own brand of women’s cycling wear specializing in shorts after trying out many different brands for herself but not finding comfort in the shorts she was wearing. Since starting a virtual office with Basepoint High Wycombe in October 2015 her company has gone from strength to strength. 

We are delighted that Sasha Cycling have now settled in an office here at Basepoint High Wycombe.

At Basepoint you can stay as long as you like – or leave with as little as two weeks’ notice. Our "easy in - easy out" flexible licence terms mean that you can avoid costly legal fees, you can move in on the same day and once you have moved in, it's simple to relocate within the Centre to match your changing needs.

For more information on our flexible workspace, please call 01494 614614 to speak to Amy or Paris or email us at http://highwycombe@basepoint.co.uk.