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7 Top Tips for Effective Business Meetings

Most small business owners spend a lot of time in meetings, whether with colleagues or existing and prospective clients. However, all too often meetings to plan projects or examine progress can be less effective than they should be, with recent research suggesting that too much valuable business time can end up being wasted.

Basepoint works closely with many small companies who rent serviced offices in our business centres, as well as hiring our serviced meeting rooms. We support our licensees in a whole range of business tasks, offering mentorship and networking opportunities. On our blog this week we take a look at some pointers on how to ensure meetings are both time and cost-effective including;

  • Set Aims in Advance
  • Draw Up an Agenda
  • Decide Who Needs to Be There
  • Let Everyone Can Have a Say
  • Assign Tasks Clearly
  • Keep the Meeting Running to Time
  • Make Sure the Meeting Room is Comfortable

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