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Pancake Day at Camberley


On Shrove Tuesday we here at Camberley decided to do the right thing and organised a pancake themed coffee morning for our licensees. Little did we know that we would have to stage a second coffee morning a week later.

We invited our licensees to join the management team from 10.30am in our reception area for a coffee morning with fresh handmade pancakes. We had it all going, from lemon juice and sugar, over nutella to maple and chocolate syrup.

10.30am came and everyone came for their pancake. It was great, orderly queues were formed, we received compliments on the effort we had put in and on the taste of the pancakes.

But then desaster struck!! 5 minutes into the coffee morning and we had run out of pancakes!!
Who knew so many licensees loved pancakes???

A quick trip to the shop to get some more did not go too well, as even the shops had sold out!


So, what to do to keep pancake-loving licensees happy?

Stage a second pancake day!!!


So on Monday, 6th March, we set up the teas and coffees again and brought in A LOT more pancakes.

The fact that lent had started did not stop anyone from coming back for more. This time round we were able to supply everyone with a pancake (some even had a chance for seconds)


So all in all a great success with everyone happy and satisfied until next year. And I guess the management team have learned their lesson and will make sure that there are plenty pancakes available.