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Next generation of digital talent given insight into creative industries


MORE than 100 students took part in an initiative promoting careers for those with an interest in all things digital.

Students from Bournemouth University International College and four local schools attended a variety of masterclasses hosted by the Digital Horizons programme.

The non-profit initiative hopes to encourage the next generation of young talent into careers in digital, tech and creative industries in Dorset.

Digital Horizons director Anthony Story said: “We want to support and improve the pipeline of prospective talent, so local businesses can employ stronger and better prepared new recruits.”

During the morning at the International College students ages from 16-20 attended talks from a variety of local businesses on everything from advertising to animation, software and IT.

Nineteen-year-old Scarlet Ramirez from Mexico, who studies at the International College, said: “It is the first workshop I’ve ever been too, and I think it is a really good experience.”

The programme, which is sponsored by JP Morgan, provides opportunities for students to directly interact with industry professionals from all over the county, as well as aid student decision making.

One student from LeAF Studio School said: “It has made me more certain on what I want to do – based on the information they gave me, I now know what to do and what path to take.

Eighteen year-old international student Ester said she would like to attend a workshop such as the Digital Horizon programme “once every month”, as she said they were helping increase her interest in the industry.

“It gives students more of a deeper understanding of what they want to do and what their course is about, rather than just sitting in a classroom” she said.

Andrew Hunt, head of college services at Bournemouth University International College, said: “It’s a great thing for students to be able to come along and have a glimpse into their future from people who have been there and done it.

“We are really happy that our students here have had the opportunity to come here and meet other students who are studying similar things, as well as meet English students.”

Story courtesy of the Daily Echo Bournemouth.