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Business travel arrangements can be stressful from booking hotels, coordinating journey times, coping with queues and waiting for taxi's. Technology can take out the hassle and leave you to get on with your job!

What artificial intelligence can put together a schedule for you to include flights, hotels and transfers, with just minimal information from you?   Destination, budget and expected arrival time is all that is needed.  Claire developed by Felcia Schneiderhan of 30SecondsToFly can do all of this by giving you several options and even booking your preffered option., along with your return journey.
Jet Lag! What Jet Lag?  Doppel is a wristband that can you change your mood.  It emits a gentle, rhythmic vibration you can control using an app on your smartphone.  Faster will help you feel more alert for your busy day or slower to relax you at the end of the day. 
Business travel can be lonely, with endless evenings to get through.  A new app DineHero has been born.  The app allows you to share meals with other people, by giving you the option to view local dining events or to set up your own inviting others to join.  No more lone traveller abroad!
Where will be going next to give you a better, effective business trip without the hassle?  The skies the limit!
Information taken from the BBC News website.