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New £1 coin launches in the UK

This week sees the launch of the latest addition to UK wallets - the new £1 coin.

In an attempt to reduce counterfeiting The Royal Mint will shortly be releasing a new 12 sided, two metal coin which even includes a hologram underneath the portrait of Her Majesty the Queen. The new coin will be released on 28th March 2017 with circulation of the existing design ending on 15th October 2017.

If you run your own business don't leave it too late to make the necessary changes including;

  • Review your hardware - any machines which take or give £1 coins will need to be changed. This could be change machines, vending machines, gaming machines and more
  • Check your petty cash tin
  • Train your staff on the new coin’s appearance and visible security measures

For more information on getting your business ready click here to visit The New Pound Coin website.