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What is the Foundation of Good Leadership?


If someone asked you to say what the basics of good leadership are, what would you tell them?

Mindtools.com uses the Four Factor Theory of Leadership to answer this quetions. The Four Factor Theory of Leadership, developed by researchers David Bowers and Stanley Seashore, is a classic model that defines four basic dimensions of effective leadership:

The four factors are:

  • Providing Personal Support – Helping people value themselves and their work, so that they can develop a sense of self-worth.
  • Encouraging Teamwork ("Interaction Facilitation") – Encouraging people to establish close, collaborative, successful working relationships with one another.
  • Focusing on Goals ("Goal Emphasis") – Inspiring people to feel enthusiastic about and committed to shared goals, and motivating them to want to perform well.
  • Helping People Work Effectively ("Work Facilitation") – Helping people meet goals by supporting them, and by providing resources, materials, or knowledge.

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