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Improve staff performance in 2013 by promoting equality in the workplace


Small businesses in Folkestone recently attended Basepoint’s ‘Networking Hub’ for an insightful talk on employment law, and how the newly updated Equality Act 2010 will have a positive impact on strengthening businesses and protecting employees.

Guest speaker at the event, Veronica Fox from HR+ Limited, is an HR Consultant with over 20 years’ experience helping businesses to improve their employee relations. In her talk, Veronica spoke about the new Equality Act 2010, and explained how this new legislative framework protects the rights of individuals, provides advanced equality and opportunities for employees, and promotes a fair and equal workplace for all.

Lorraine May, centre manager at Basepoint Folkestone, commented: “Many SMEs will be looking forward to the New Year, but will also be thinking of ways they can improve the performance and profitability of their business in 2013. Veronica gave an interesting talk on employment law, and it was something that resonated with the attendees as everyone knows you have to inspire confidence in your staff in order to succeed. There was a great turnout and everyone enjoyed the pre-Christmas networking, no doubt plotting their business plans for next year!”