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Live Life on the Veg


Riverford Organic Farmers grow award-winning organic fruit and vegetables on their Soil Association Certified farms and deliver it straight to your door and they will be bringing samples of their produce such as organic meats, dairy products and drinks to Basepoint Chepstow in May.

Choose from a selection of ready-made boxes, with a variety of sizes and contents or create your own exactly to your liking. Whatever you choose Riverford will deliver it to your door for free, even if you are not in.

The company started off as one man, Guy Watson, who delivered boxes of vegetables from his farm in Devon to 30 friends who lived locally.  They now have farms across the region and deliver boxes to 47,000 homes all around the United Kingdom.

Riverford are coming to Basepoint to share their love of all things organic and to let you know how organic produce can benefit not only yourself but also the environment around you.  So if you are ready to Live Life on the Veg come and meet some of the team and find out about everything they have to offer at Basepoint Chepstow on Tuesday 9th May from 12:00 until 2:00.

For more informaiton email chepstow@basepoint.co.uk or call 01291 635500