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Hoddesdon business plan could raise £100,000 for town centre improvements


Better Christmas lights or town centre CCTV cameras could be on the table for Hoddesdon if businesses back a new scheme

The Towns Business Leaders are attempting to make the town a Business Improvement District (BID) in the hope it will raise funding for significant town improvements.

Leading the charge are Hoddesdon Business Forum chairman Stephen Harris and Love Hoddesdon chairman Kevin Brooks.

Mr Harris said: "We decided to officially launch it last week and we had a number of meetings to ask retailers what they thought.

"We said CCTV cameras could be one thing that would happen. That's where the choice comes in, we put forward ideas and the businesses decide what money can be spent on."

After a consultation period, businesses in Hoddesdon town centre will have a vote on the scheme and if 52 per cent agree the town will become a BID.

This will mean each business would be charged a small levy - 1.5 per cent of the ratable value - each year with the money going into a pot for improvements.

The scheme has been successfully implemented in Hitchin and Watford. Businesses would have a chance to vote again on the BID every five years.

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Source: http://www.hertfordshiremercury.co.uk/hoddesdon-business-plan-could-raise-100-000-for-town-centre-improvements/story-30189402-detail/story.html