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Basepoint joins forces with Courage Coaching for Business Wellness Event


Being in business can be tough, there are a lot of plates to spin and many pressures to deal with. Basepoint Romsey joined forces with Courage Coaching and hosted a successful Business Wellness Event on Thursday 27th April.

Investing in coaching gives you the space to stop and reflect on where you are and where you'd like to be. It offers opportunities to plan, manage change, explore the challenge(s) you might be facing and to consider how you are going to move forward.  Coaching can benefit you and your business by bringing clarity, focus and a way forward - all of which will contribute to business and personal wellness.

Arianna Huffington, co-founder of The Huffington Post said this "We think, mistakenly, that success is the result of the amount of time we put in at work, instead of the quality of the time we put in."  Sometimes what we need to do more than anything is invest in ourselves in order to ensure 'the time we put in' is of good quality and enables growth.  Coaching will support you in this.

Courage Coaching is run by Jo Ibbott.  Jo is an Executive Coach accredited by the Academy of Executive Coaching.  Jo can work with you and your business to help you find clarity, focus, a way forward and growth. 

For more information on the events that Basepoint run please email romsey@basepoint.co.uk or call 01794 513 080

For more information regarding how coaching can contribute to business and personal wellness please email jo@courage-coaching.co.uk