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Do You Have Concerns About Leaving Your Dog At Home Alone - While You Work?


A recent news article has revealed how stressful it can be when you leave your dog home alone

Few dog owners enjoy leaving their pet alone while they head off to work.
But most dog lovers have no idea how their animals cope once they have been left alone and in a society where many dog owners work full time dogs can be left for long periods of time at home alone.
Scientists have revealed that some dogs can spend up to half an hour whining, barking and howling after their owners leave them alone.
Anxious dogs will urinate, defecate or vomit and can even try to hurt themselves. Through boredom dogs can chew on items of furniture which is upsetting for the owners when they return form work.
So why not work somewhere you can take your dog with you to work?
Basepoint business centres are dog friendly and encourage licensees to bring their dogs to work with them. Providing leads are used in communal areas licensees can take their dogs into their offices with them so there is no need to leave your dog at home alone.