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Brighten Up Mondays in the Office

Probably few people would choose Monday as their favourite day of the week. This is expressed in social media hashtags such as #MondayBlues, which show just how many people feel. But does the start of the working week have to be a cue for misery, or are there ways to brighten up the day for you and your team?

As a provider of serviced office space, Basepoint takes an interest in all issues affecting small businesses, including staff engagement and wellbeing – all through the week. So here we have put together 7 tips which could just help to make #MondayFunday, to quote another popular hashtag;

  • Brighten up your workplace
  • Give staff a treat
  • Plan out your week
  • Take a break outside
  • Ring the changes at lunchtime
  • Play some music
  • Plan a fun activity

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