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Take Notice!


Having a notice board in the office can be a constructive method of promoting information to a large number of people.

Notice boards can change the way we communicate with each other in our offices and can create a sense of being part of a community within the office, something you just don’t get when all communications are made through email. In addition, emails can be forgotten about, lost in the backlog of email over load or just get deleted.

The secret to a successful noticeboard is
• A quick snapshot of the key message along with a details of where to go for more detailed information. 
• Location of the board is important. It needs to be where it is going to be seen by the majority of the people in the building.
• Regularly reviewing of the content to keep it up to date, relevant and interesting. This also means that it does not become time consuming to do.
• Keeping the board tidy is key. If you plaster information all over it, people won’t focus on the messages.
• Have eye catching posters.

Grace Surtie, Basepoint Shoreham Assistant Manager said “We know how busy our licensees are so rather than bombard everyone with emails we’ve decided to try something different. Our post room is someplace that everyone visits regularly so we have our community noticeboard there where licensees can stay in touch with events and local offers. “