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Charity Dragon Boat Racing


This weekend we supported our chosen charity Love4Life at the Portsmouth Dragon Boat Festival at Lakeside North Harbour.

The Waterlooville centre were joined by Amy from the Havant centre, Vicky our regional manager and even husbands and sons were roped in to take seats in the boat.

There were three heats and we succesfully managed to win the final race, sadly though not through to the finals. All in all though it was a great day in the sunshine and we raised lots of momey for the Love4life project!
Love4life provide adults with learning difficulties assistance in finding friendship and love within a safe environment. They regularly hold social events for their members and are even able to supervise dates for those who find love!

They are regularly featured on Channel 4's series The Undateables which has been a great way to raise the awareness of the charity and the the challenges that those living with a disability face day to day.