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Company Away-Day?...........Pros & Cons


Company away-days can take many forms, from a simple meeting in a different office to a themed outing for staff such as a day spent paintballing or racing round your nearest go-kart track. But are they a good idea?

Advantages of Away-days
Away-days offer all members of staff the chance to meet face to face rather than down the phone or via email. They also mean colleagues can see each other in a more relaxed light by being in a different environment and feel part of a more integrated team.

Other benefits include:

  •  If staff are happy there will be greater productivity and efficiency.
  •  Happy staff less likely to move on so reduce expensive recruitment and training costs.
  •  Contented employees are more likely to accept change which is vital for all companies.

Possible Disadvantages
After a day out of the office the backlog of call, emails and administration can really effect an SME as well creating a bad impression with some clients.

In addition:
• It may not solve any long-term problems your company has.
• On an individual level, they may not get rid of any personal issues between members of staff.

Ultimately, you will know better than anyone if your SME could benefit from an office away-day. If you are looking for suggestions about where to go and what to do, it can help to talk to people from other small businesses about how effective they found similar events.

Basepoint’s serviced offices, in locations such as Shoreham encourage networking by holding a range of events for small businesses. This makes it easy to exchange ideas about events and activities which might inspire staff. We also offer breakout areas for socialising and serviced meeting rooms. Contact us for more details