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Exercise, pain and injury management


Basepoint Exeter’s licensee, Revolution Sports Physio, is a ground-breaking clinic that combines traditional physiotherapy techniques with the latest research and modern thinking around pain and injury management.

Liz Prokopowicz, who runs the clinic, has offered us her thoughts on Exercise and how it is commonly associated with pain and injury.
Some love it, some hate it, and some fear it. The positive effects of exercise on conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and obesity are well known.

But what about when it comes to pain and injury?
We are told that moving more is the key to injury prevention. But what exactly does this mean? What is the best exercise and how much? After all, we are always hearing about injured athletes, and they move around a fair bit!

Some exercise is associated with being ‘good’ for injury prevention. A whole industry has been built around the idea that core stability is the key. Yoga, Pilates, Swiss balls are all seen as the holy grail of exercise that can prevent a myriad of injuries. Other types of exercise are often demonised. Running, for example, is often reported to be ‘bad for the knees’, I even heard a physiotherapist (wrongly) perpetuating this myth!!

I frequently talk to clients who have had a recurrence of an injury, telling me they’d had some success in the past with rehabilitation exercises, but had stopped doing them (due to time, boredom, or just the fact their pain went away).

So often do I hear the phrase “I know I should be doing my exercises but…” In fact, just last week a patient commented that she “should be doing some core stability exercises but they are so boring”.

Now, sometimes, specific exercises are necessary when rehabilitating an injury, but that doesn’t mean to say you are doomed to a life of pain if you don’t perform these same exercises for all eternity.

The truth is, when it comes to exercise, the key is finding something you enjoy.

Liz Prokopowicz, who runs the clinic, offers the following services:

• An understanding of your pain and injury and how to stop it coming back
• Tailored rehabilitation plans to fit your needs and lifestyle (No unachievable exercise regimes)
• Work-place assessments that look beyond expensive chairs and ‘ergonomic gadgets’
• Specialist in cycling and running injuries

If you are interested in finding out more about the services that Revolution Sports Physio offer then you can contact Liz Prokopowicz using the information below:

Weblink: www.revolutionsportsphysio.com 
Twitter address: @recoverthemiles
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Revolutionphysio
Emails: liz@revolutionsportsphysio.com