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Last night saw another successful Acumen Business Academy being hosted at Basepoint Crawley.

Exploring whether you can be personally liable for your actions as a director, this session of the Acumen Business Academy was run by Alvin Ittoo, Dispute Resolution Solicitor at ACUMEN BUSINESS LAW. We looked at the key fiduciary duties owed to a company by it’s directors and types of conduct which would constitute a breach of those duties and the extent to which a director could be personally liable for them.

In addition to enabling a company director to better understand the duties they owe to the business and their potential liability, this Academy session enabled businesses to identify if and when action should be taken against a director and the benefits or pitfalls in doing so, as well as ways in which the company can have recourse against any director who has failed to discharge his or her duties.

As always there were also excellent networking opportunities too & the team at Basepoint Crawley are now looking forward to hosting the next Acumen Business Academy.