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Basepoint Folkestone Networking Hub


Basepoint Folkestone held their bi-monthly Networking Hub Lunch on Thursday 13 July, 2017

Great networking and sensational speakers gave the group of networkers a good balance of information and informal networking.

The three presenters concentrated on the person in three different ways, which linked nicely to provide tips and information to ensure that you operate at an optimum level.

How to Improve Performance, improve Productivity and Super Charge your Health was Lucy Osborne's area of expertise she gave tipes on how to improve performance, improve productivity and super charge your health by balancing your blood sugar levels.

She explained that what and how we eat has a major impact on our ability to function in our day to day lives - energy dips, foggy headedness and general fatigue all impact our ability to perform at our best.

Jo Dodd's talked about using your POWER to Live More - Tips, Tools and Strategies to Improve your Productivity, Organisation and Energy 

She imparted her knowledge on how to improve your POWER (Productivity, Organisation, Wellbeing, Energy and Resilience) to 'Live More' 

Life feels so overwhelming nowadays with our busy lives, all the digital technology and that seemingly 'always on' culture. She is on a mission to
help home based business owners to be more organised, productive, healthy and happy doing what they want to do, rather than what they feel they should or need to do.

In this action packed session we learnt her 5 step process to enable you to use your 'POWER to Live More'.

Hazel Audley showed us how To Be at Your Best and Allow Yourself to Shine

She explained that we are the product of our thoughts, beliefs, energy and emotions. Our successes and failures stem from this way before any outside factors get involved. But we often do not realise that the power is always within us to determine how much we love life and achieve our desires.

The Networking Hub is 'Free of Charge' and includes a lunch, which is open to Basepoint Clients and external businesses.  The next event is scheduled to take place on Thursday 7 September, 2017.  To book your place, please email folkestone@basepoint.co.uk