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Podium place for Revolution Sports Physio at 24hour mountain mayhem


Licensee Liz Prokopowicz from Revolution Sports Physio achieved a podium place at the 20th and final Mountain Mayhem, a 24- hour cross- country mountain bike event in Princess Anne’s beautiful Gatcombe Estate.

Liz is always keen to understand the client’s perspective, and for the last 3 years, Revolution Sports Physio has provided Physiotherapy support and sports massage at a similar event in Plymouth (Twentyfour12 in Newnham Park). She has competed in various mountain bike events, but never a 24 -hour. It was a great opportunity to literally put herself into the competitors’ shoes! The format is simple. Ride as many laps as you can in 24 hours. However, as the event loomed large, the nerves began to set in.

The course is set on Princess Anne’s beautiful Gatcombe Estate. Although no actual mountains were involved, the deceptively serene Gloucestershire countryside packed quite a punch.
Liz’s original aim had been to simply turn up and experience riding a 24- hour event, but this was soon forgotten and replaced with the aim of winning! Liz discovered new strengths, and what she lacked in speed, she made up for with stamina and to the surprise of everyone (most of all herself), a strong competitive drive. Although they missed out on top spot, they knew that their podium place was anything but a token, and they enjoyed every minute of it.

Princess Anne turned up looking cool as a cucumber in the 30 -degree heat to present the prizes, and like all great sporting events, rivalries were put aside as we thanked out adversaries for a great race.

But Liz’s new found competitive side is refusing to be silenced. There has already been talk of a rematch. As this was the last Mountain Mayhem, they have invited winning team, ‘Freed from the Shire’, down to Devon for the 2018 twentyfour12 event. Revolution Sports Physio will be putting competitive ambitions aside for the 2017 Twentyfour12 to provide the usual quality Physio support and sports massage, but watch this space for 2018…

If you are interested in finding out more about the services that Revolution Sports Physio offer then you can contact Liz Prokopowicz using the information below:
Weblink: www.revolutionsportsphysio.com
Twitter address: @recoverthemiles
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Revolutionphysio
Emails: liz@revolutionsportsphysio.com