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Your default survival state. Break free and cause breakthrough results


Our speaker for our September networking hub is Dan Warburton who operates as a ‘transformational coach’. His card reads ‘transformational coaching to enable living the dream’. We are honoured to have Dan give us a talk that he’s titled: Your default survival state. Break free and cause breakthrough results.

Dan will walk us through some of his life’s most challenging moments, to then how he broke through what he calls his own ‘default survival state’ and how this then enabled him to completely transform his life. Dan is known for coaching top business people and entrepreneurs to master what he calls ‘empowered states of being’ which from his lives work has come to be, what he sees enables people to truly succeed in their businesses.

Dan will also share with us what ‘transformation’ is, the extraordinary results his clients have achieved by undergoing similar self transformation as he did and the kind of lives they live now.

Dan is renowned for his speaking skills and to leave audiences greatly inspired so we very much look forward to having Dan as our guest speaker for this event.

The event will be held on Thursday 21st September, 12-2pm at the Newhaven Enterprise Centre.

Spaces for this event are limited, to book your space email newhaven@basepoint.co.uk