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How Can SME Owners Leave the Office Behind and Enjoy a Summer Break?


Surveys have suggested that owners of small businesses are among the worst offenders when it comes to not taking their summer holidays, with pressure of work often given as one of the main reasons.

But SME owners, and their staff, are probably the people who would benefit most from getting away from it all, because of their workload and the responsibilities they have, compared to some larger companies.

Basepoint is one of the leading suppliers of serviced office space in the UK and takes a keen interest in all matters which affect SMEs. Here we look at how a summer break can benefit both owners and employees alike – and at ways to ensure your break is truly refreshing. Even taking a few days off without necessarily going abroad can give you a real boost.

Switching Off

While cloud-based applications are useful, as they let you to keep tabs on work without being in the office, it doesn’t really solve the problem. There is not much point in taking a break if you are constantly checking your laptop, tablet or mobile device every five minutes. Leave it in your hotel room whenever possible.

If you genuinely can’t avoid connecting with the outside world, though, then set aside a few minutes every day to catch up with your e-mails. That way if there is a really pressing issue you can deal with it.

When you really want to get away from it all, you could be tempted to go on holiday to a far-flung destination, where the wi-fi or internet connection is either limited or non-existent. However, if

this is just going to make you worry about the calls and emails you are missing, it might not be all that relaxing after all!

Staying Active

When you want to recharge your batteries, you can try to achieve this by doing as little as possible, be it on the beach or at home. This works well if you are the kind of person who finds it easy to switch off mentally.

This doesn’t apply to everybody, though, and if it just isn’t you, then you might benefit more if you do something physical which requires your full, undivided attention. Going on excursions or taking part in some sport or activity, such as swimming, walking or watersports, will benefit your physical health, and help reduce the chance of sickness once you get back to work.

If you are having a break at home, try to do something different with your family, such as getting out and about in the countryside. Another option would be a DIY project which could take your mind off work and give you a sense of achievement once it is complete.

Peace of Mind

People who do enjoy a break, with the emphasis on the word enjoy, find it improves their family life. This particularly applies if you have not been seeing as much of them as you would like to. Holidays can also benefit your business too; a break enables you to put everything in perspective, and you are better able think creatively once you come back refreshed.

There is plenty of evidence to show that worrying about your work constantly can damage your long-term health. Research has shown that those who have regular breaks also increase their productivity when they do get back to work.

Benefits of a Summer Break

Summer holidays are generally preferable to weeks off when the weather is at its most cold and miserable. They give people the chance to enjoy quality time with their children and other family members, with the downside of course being that prices are likely to be higher.

There are also health benefits to a summer break. The right amount of exposure to the sun brings with it plenty of health benefits for bosses and employees. The sun’s UV rays can help reduce skin complaints, and the UV also can convert cholesterol to Vitamin D, cutting the risk of heart disease. Warm weather allows for better blood circulation. However, you should be careful not to spend too long every day out in the sun. Wear some protective headgear and have the sun cream to hand, too.

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