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HMS Queen Elizabeth: Carrier arrives in Portsmouth


HMS Queen Elizabeth entered Portsmouth Harbour for the first time at about 07:10 BST following extensive preparations at the naval base.

The 65,000-tonne ship has been undergoing sea trials since setting sail from Rosyth dockyard in Fife, where it was built, in June. The 900ft (280m) long carrier cannot currently deploy planes but flying trials are due to begin next year.

Spectators who gathered on the shoreline to watch the ship's arrival saw flypasts of Royal Navy helicopters, the first featuring a Sea King, two MK2 Merlins and two MK3 Merlins which were then joined by two Hawk jets.

A flotilla of craft followed the behemoth aircraft carrier as she sailed into the Solent before heading into Portsmouth, where, at its narrowest point, there was less than 66ft (20m) clearance on each side.

An 820ft (250m) exclusion zone was enforced by armed police in small boats and a no-fly zone was put in place to prevent the flying of drones around the harbour.
The ship's available company stood at the edge of the vessel, with officers and family members also lining the jetty to welcome the ship. 

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Source - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-hampshire-40936071