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Explosions during huge fire in Tewkesbury


There was a major fire in Tewkesbury last night. It happened at Redwolf Airsoft, in the Northway Trading Estate, shortly before 11pm. People reported seeing smoke and fire from a long distance away as firefighters tackled the blaze. Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service and Gloucestershire Police were at the scene until this morning.

Steph Blackie, 25, who lives near to the site with her fiancé. said: “When the fire escalated it got pretty scary. “There was constant banging, it sounded like gas canisters popping. There was a large police presence and fire engines just kept turning up."

Business Owner Danny Yau said: I was here last night, I was alerted by my fire alarm company and came here. “There’s not much else I can say at the moment.”
The blaze closed the railway line through the nearby Ashchurch Railway Station. A Network Rail spokesman said: “The line was initially closed when the fire started last night but at 2.07am the line was deemed safe to reopen. "We are expecting no issues with services this morning.”