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Bathtub Party Day

09:00, Tuesday, 5 December 2017


Yup, there’s actually a day devoted to breaking out the bubble bath liquid or your favourite essential oils and drawing yourself a nice warm bath.

“Rub-a-dub-dub, three men in a tub,” as the nursery rhyme goes. Today, we might wonder why there were three men in a tub and what their intentions were, but then maybe they were just having a bathtub party.  There’s nothing that’s quite the same as a nice dip in the tub, even if you are normally more the showering type. As for those three men in a tub? Well, we’d like to imagine that they were just celebrating Bathtub Party Day.

A bath does seem incomplete without bubbles for some, so feel free to add bubble bath. We find that baths with essential oils can actually be more calming and satisfying.   Once you’ve figured out the logistics and have a nice dry towel on hand, go ahead and fill your bathtub with warm water, silence your phone, and put on some relaxing music. Since this is a holiday we’re talking about, celebrations can and by all means are encouraged to include things like friends, hot chocolate, and wine. After all, it’s not just Bathtub Day, but Bathtub Party Day, so you may as well take the opportunity to turn it into a fun, social occasion with your friends. Of course you can also use your creativity to create your own unique bathtub party. Just imagine how relaxing it is to be surrounded by warm water, pleasant fragrances, and delightful candles. You’ll find it difficult to come up with a reason not to celebrate Bathtub Party Day.