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Humbug Day

09:00, Thursday, 21 December 2017


Happy Festivus! The Festivus for the Rest of Us! Throughout the world there are people who don’t celebrate Christmas their Winter Holiday, nor Hannukah, nor any of the others.

There are athiests and people who simply don’t choose to fall into the capitalist holiday that is Christmas. Then there’s those of us who just want to have two great holidays within four days, we’re not greedy! We’re filled with the spirit of the season of Festivus!

How to Celebrate Festivus
Thankfully Festivus comes with a variety of its own built in holidays from its roots, and after that it’s all about celebrating the holiday however you choose. But let’s get you started with the basics.
First get yourself a Festivus Pole, this is nothing more than a simple aluminum pole, best known for its “High strength-to-weight ratio”. Meaning it’s a lightweight pole that can carry a lot of weight, and also for its simplicity, no need to get a big and fancy Christmas tree. Festivus is all about the basics.

Then you get down to clear and open honesty, with The Airing of Grievances. Someone annoy you this year? Disappointed in them in some way? This is your opportunity to let it out and make sure there’s nothing clogging up your friendships in the year to come.

Festivus Dinner is incredibly simple, just the most basic of dishes. Originally it was meatloaf or spaghetti, with alcohol served alongside. But it can be whatever is simple and tasty, nothing super creative is needed or even encouraged.

These are just a few of the holiday celebratory measures, and you can make up your own to really bring it home!