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Support Swindon's bid to build a new museum and art gallery

The Objectives of the Project
The objectives of the £22 million project are:
o  To create a major permanent Museum and Art Gallery of the future – a beacon of civic pride, creativity and inclusion. A major new public space that is welcoming.
o To bring the story of Swindon and its heritage to life through the highest-quality museum displays and interactives.
o To create a unique public space dedicated to art, history and science, combining iconic historical artefacts (large and small), interactivity, film and imagery, as well as hosting a seamless integration with a destination cafe/restaurant and retail outlet and supporting services. In short, if you are in Swindon, this is the place you want to be.
o To inspire visitors, building confidence and skills.
o To cherish SMAG’s existing visitor and volunteer base and attract a new and broader audience – both physically and online.
o To aspire to the highest international museum standards in the care, preservation and display of Collections.
o To optimise the opportunities afforded by a new build by achieving high standards of access, design and sustainability while referencing the unique history of the town and its environment.
o To contribute to the delivery of the Swindon’s regeneration objectives, particularly engaging with the best design practices and enhancing visitors’ experiences through beautiful, appropriate and well-crafted design and by uncovering and driving forward Swindon’s hidden but vibrant cultural scene

For more information email info@swindonmuseum.org.uk