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Basepoint centres across the region took part in the 2017 Conference which was designed to create a dynamic and valuable learning platform. Delegates experienced a lineup of top industry professionals discussing hot topics, complemented by a thought-provoking leading industry keynote speaker.

The keynote speaker was Head of Innovation of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation Circular Economy, Ken Webster.
Ken’s incredible knowledge of the Circular Economy and its possibilities for every organisation, turned usual thinking on its head.
The delegates were completely inspired by Ken’s presentation and delighted that he took the time for one-to-one sessions with those who attended specifically to hear him talk.
The Southern Sustainability Partnership team studied Ken’s book ‘A Wealth of Flows Circular Economy’ at Bournemouth University in 2017.  
Since 2010 Ken has worked with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and has a background in environmental issues and economics education.  His book relates the connections between systems thinking, economic and business opportunity and the potential for a circular economy.
Ken is also a Visiting Fellow at Cranfield University, an Honorary Teaching Fellow at the School of Management at the University of Bradford.