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Tewkesbury Medieval Festival a great success


Tewkesbury Medieval Festival includes a huge re-enactment of the Battle of Tewkesbury. Featuring around 2000 warriors, including knights in full armour, gunners, traditional English Longbow archers, men at arms with swords, spears and other weapons of the period, as well as a real canon, all brought to life with a lively and informed commentary, and taking place on part of the site of the original battle of 1471. The re-enactment is now widely regarded as the largest of its kind in Europe. When not fighting many of the participants will be living for the weekend as soldiers on the march, sleeping in authentic medieval tents, eating food of the period, cooked over open fires in copies of medieval pots and pans, and preparing for the battle as they would have done in 1471. Many of the traders on our market are just as authentic, dressed as 15th century traders, they use well researched skills to do everything from making swords and armour, to preparing ginger bread and hand stitching beautiful gowns and colourful tunics.

For more information about this local event please viist the official website.