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Winners of the Gloucestershire Business Awards 2017


Celebrating not just the business success stories of the county but 20 years of the event itself, the Gloucestershire Business Awards drew more than 700 guests to Cheltenham Racecourse to find out who had taken the honours this year.More than 700 filled the giant Centaur at Cheltenham Racecourse for the annual high-point on the county business calendar, this year boasting Randall & Payne as its headline sponsor."We have had many winners over the years (see below for a list) including Renishaw, UCAS, Cult Retail, MF Freeman ltd, Future Advanced Manufacture Ltd. And they keep coming.”

Reflecting on the changes afoot within her own organisation – which this week sees the newspapers move from daily to weekly as visitors to its websites soar – she said: “In 1997 there was no such thing as social media, but it was the year we launched a new on-line media department. The world has moved on since then and social media and on-line has changed our lives.

“Which is why we have taken the decision to take the newspaper weekly as our websites continue to growth and grow. It makes no difference to us financially in the short run. We are doing it because it as we prepare for the future.

“There will be pain with change, but change is also good. There are new opportunities and we launch the new era from next week.”

Rachael Sugden, the new editor of the Citizen and Echo, underlined the company’s continued commitment to the county and its business community.

“We will continue to be your loudest voice and your staunchest ally in the months and years ahead,” she said.