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How Office Facilities Management Services Can Benefit SMEs


Owners of small businesses can easily end up spending large parts of their working days dealing with office maintenance, which is often time which they can ill afford.

When you lease a fully serviced office to rent from Basepoint, however, we provide a facilities management support team who will take care of these sorts of issues for you. Here we look at some of the key areas where managed office space providers can help SMEs.

Looking After Maintenance

Choosing serviced office accommodation means maintenance of the building will not be your responsibility, so there is no worry about finding contractors or facing large unexpected bills for work such as repairs to the roof, replacing windows and rewiring. Your office space provider will also make sure the premises meet building regulations and complies with other relevant regulations and legislation, from health and safety rules to disability access.

At Basepoint, we include both external and internal fabric maintenance in our fees, meaning you do not have to budget for these costs separately, as well as including the cost of estate maintenance. This means the building and its grounds will be kept tidy and in good repair and constantly updated. So you can be sure the premises as a whole, as well as your individual office, will create a good impression on customers and clients.

Clean Bill of Health

There are many dirty jobs that someone has to do but often nobody wants to, which can cost small businesses time and effort. This includes organising refuse collection, cleaning kitchens and toilets, window cleaning and dealing with any unwanted insect invasions or pest problems.

As a serviced office accommodation provider, Basepoint makes sure that all the communal areas in our business centres, such as meeting rooms and breakout areas, are kept clean, so you don’t have to start a rota among your staff or spend time doing it yourself. Our services also include maintaining, cleaning and restocking both toilets and kitchens, including dealing with any plumbing issues. We also provide refuse collection and make sure the windows are cleaned regularly.

Safety First

Companies who opt for a fully serviced office to rent automatically benefit from protection like burglar alarms and security systems, so there is much less chance of your office being broken into. Basepoint has a secure door entry system with key fobs for all its tenants, in addition to a CCTV and alarm system covering each of their buildings and emergency lighting. All our premises have manned reception desks during business hours, adding to your security.

If you have any gas appliances in your premises, then our facilities management team can sort out the relevant safety certificates and inspections. Basepoint also deals with fire alarm maintenance and callouts, including fire extinguishers. We also test fixed wiring and electrical appliances in communal areas to make sure they are safe to use.

Help at Hand in an Emergency

Having a facilities management team at hand means it isn’t a major problem the next time a window is broken or a light bulb fails. Basepoint has a maintenance person at each of its offices who should be able to deal with any on-the-spot issues, and who also makes sure that communal facilities, such as water supplies, are tested on a weekly basis so they should always be in good working order. If there is a more serious problem, they will know who to call to arrange swift repairs.

Technical Expertise

Companies in our managed office space can choose between a range of broadband, internet and telephone service packages set up to their individual requirements, so you don’t need to have lengthy negotiations with a service provider. Basepoint’s technical expertise means you can always upgrade your package if your business expands.

Saving Money and Providing Peace of Mind

Opting for a managed office rental can save you money, as you no longer have to pay separate bills for a wide range of repairs and maintenance. If you try to deal with these kinds of issues yourself, you could be landed with a costly repair bill or even have to pay legal fees if you fail to comply with a regulatory requirement.

Having experts look after day-to-day maintenance details will give you peace of mind. There is no need for you to be concerned about the fine print in all the relevant health and safety legislation, or buildings insurance, as facilities management teams can arrange all this for you. Having someone else look after these sorts of details enables you to spend more time on more business-critical priorities.