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New Project Could Improve M3 Mobile Coverage


Plans have been revealed to try and improve mobile phone coverage along the M3 corridor.

Business group Enterprise M3 are going to work with trade body Mobile UK to try and make access better for businesses and residents across Hampshire.

We're told mobile connectivity is an ongoing area of focus for EM3, with the LEP’s Strategic Economic Plan noting that lack of good mobile coverage is a ‘major inhibitor to growth’.

A dedicated 5G Mobile Communications Arrow project is in place to direct public and private investment in mobile connectivity, and this new partnership with Mobile UK will strengthen this initiative further.

Mobile UK and EM3 have also signed a memorandum of understanding to kick-start the partnership.

Gareth Elliott from Mobile UK says there are a number of things they are looking at:

"To get good coverage you need infrastructure in the first place. What we're looking at with this new campaign is to educate people as to how mobile works, but to also look at how we can strengthen the current resources available.

"The ambition is to ensure that we have sites that we can put technology in, we can identify where they are needed and we can work with local authorities to make sure buildings are sympathetic to the needs of mobile equipment, as and when they go up."