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How to stay productive during Snow Days!


When meteorologists warn of blizzard conditions, chaos ensues. Schools announce closings, trains don’t work and roads are closed. And, in major cities, offices close, meetings are rescheduled and professionals are stuck at home.

With Storm Emma in full swing businesses need to ensure that staff are safe but still maintain productivity.

But snow days don’t have to bury business operations. With proper planning, your organization’s productivity can weather the storm.
Here are a few useful tips how to stay productive:


Set Clear Expectations
When employees are telecommuting, it is important that they have a clear understanding of what’s expected of them in terms of deadlines, goals, hours and reachability.

Communicate. Communicate. Communicate
Out of the office doesn’t mean on an island. Regular contact via email, instant message, phone or even video conferencing is crucial for employee engagement.

Provide alternative work space
With storms like Emma bringing snow and icy roads it is especially important to ensure staff is safe. One way to do so by providing a safe working environment outisde the usual office. While some employees may be able to work from home, another option is to provide them with work space close to home. Basepoint can offer a close alternative, when trains are cancelled and motorways closed. With our Businessworld membership you and your staff have access to over 3000 Business Centres across the world. Facilities can include secure, high-speed WiFi, a professional environment to work and meet your clients as well as help with admin tasks like mailing and copies which you can't get at home.


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