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The Healer's Healer Liz Almond


Guest speaker Liz Almond hosting our B2B Networking Hub 28th March 2018

We are holding our B2B Networking Hub Wednesday 28th March: The name of the talk will be “The insecurities of being a midlife business owner - how to re-balance yourself” Hosting this talk is guest speaker Liz Almond from The Healer’s Healer.

Liz Almond works on a 1-1 basis as a therapist, coach and small business mentor, to enable her clients to feel happier, more energised and to help them fulfil their life purpose through their business. The work they do re-energises their business and profits improve.

She also delivers workshops to employers about how to help their employees manage this midlife transition as well as delivering a series of personal development workshops for entrepreneurs.

There are still available spaces left to attend please contact Olivia on  01474 338700 for an invitation to attend.