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A Virtual Office could be a simple cost-effective way to give your business the professional edge, at a fraction of the cost of an office.

Whilst focusing on the excitement of developing a product or growing a client base, sometimes the administrative side of ‘going it alone’ can be overlooked. The simple act of setting up a professional address for your business correspondence however, is one of the easiest ways to give your company a professional image from the start.
The most obvious benefit of having a business address is that it promotes a certain level of trust in your company and your brand. There is no doubt that when looking for a prospective supplier (for work or pleasure), people tend to go for one located in a well-known area and with an office address, and office phone number. It’s human nature to think that permanence and location suggest success and security. In the age of Google where everyone is capable of finding information on your company, a search returning a residential address will not give the same image of professionalism as a business park or local office space.
Not only is having a business address a smart move to give your company a professional image, it is also security-savvy. Providing your home address to clients and business associates means your personal information is readily used and distributed, which could lead to a number of problems- not to mention the risk of potential customers turning up at your home at any point of the day or night!
Although you may not yet be in a position to move in to your own office space, a virtual office can provide you with a perfect, affordable stepping stone when branching out in to the world of start-ups. At Basepoint we offer a variety of different packages to suit the changing needs of your business, from a registered office address to phone diverts and even call answering. If you have any questions or would like more information on virtual office feel free to contact Lorraine or Erin on 01634 816000 or email chatham@basepoint.co.uk.