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The Langtry Manor Venus Awards Dorset Finalists 2013


The votes have been counted and the judges have made their deliberations in the distinguished Langtry Manor Venus Awards Dorset 2013. Following a record of over 1000 nominations received, we can now reveal the finalists for the 11 sponsor judged categories and the three public vote categories - all of whom will be invited to the Grand Awards Ceremony at the Pavilion Theatre Ballroom in Bournemouth on 5th June when the winners will be announced.

Tara Howard, Managing Director of the Langtry Manor Hotel, started The Dorset Langtry Manor Business Women awards in 2009.  Explaining her reasons for doing so, she said: “Being a mother of four and juggling business and family, as so many women have to do, I realised that women are not always of a fair playing field with men when it comes to recognition and awards.  That is why I started the Langtry Manor Business Women Awards now under the umbrella of the Venus Awards.   After four years of running the awards, my experience is that the main thing holding most women back is themselves.”

“Be it nurture or nature, we often underestimate what we can achieve in the business world.  The awards reaffirm to local business women that they are on the right track and give them a confidence boost that may be the first rung on a ladder to endless possibilities.  I often have women coming up to me saying ‘this has changed my life’ - to think something as simple as an awards can make such a difference is humbling!

The Finalists for the Homebased Business Award sponsored by Basepoint Business Centre are:

Samantha Acton Domestic Angels
Julie Cleaver Popcorn Marketing
Lindsay Shepherd Lindsay Shepherd Hypnotherapy

Good Luck to all the entries and see you at the Awards Ceremony in June.