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Tilbury licensee wins Volunteer of the Year Award


On Thursday 6th June Tilbury licensee Connor Lamoureux was awarded 'Volunteer of the Year' by NGAGE at the Beehive Centre in Grays, Essex.

Connor, who has been volunteering in the Essex area since he was 12, was presented with his award by the Mayor of Grays on Thursday 6th June.  Connor's volunteering over the last 8 years has included clean-ups of local derelict areas, leaflet distribution for local incentives, helping at a residential care home and acting as an ambassador for Essex at the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Connor has also helped out at the T-Fest and 'Sparks will Fly' local events as part of his volunteering with NGAGE.

Connor, who works for KBR Foreign Exchange said, "Volunteering has been a great experience and it has given me great satisfaction helping my local community."

Well done Connor!