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20 Simple Ways to increase Motivation


As we return from the Christmas and New Year Festivities the January Blues can take hold, but how do we keep our work team movitated?

1. Recognize great work - One of the most important factors in employee motivation is how often their hard work is recognised.

2. Set small, measurable goals - long projects can seem never ending, break them down

3. Applaud results - show your appreciation

4. Stay positive - positive reinforcement focus on the things done correctly not on the things that went wrong

5. Stay fueled - luckily for us we have an onsite cafe, so no reason to overlook meals

6. Take regular breaks - step back and take a moment to refresh and recalibrate

7. Stay healthy - A generous time off policy might seem expensive at face value, but actually save your company a lot of money in lost productivity, poor attendance, and engagement.

8. See and share the big picture - make sure team members know how they fit into the larger picture

9. Be transparent - encouraging an atmosphere of trust

10. Provide clarity - understand the goals set

11. Envision and share positive outcomes - it is easier to achieve success when you can envision it

12. Find purpose - knowing the work you are doing makes a difference

13. Loosen the reins - Autonomy is an incredibly effective motivator

14. Provide a sense of security - personal security

15. Power pose -Your posture not only says a lot about your motivation levels, it can actually impact them.

16. Encourage teamwork - Teamwork is one of the greatest motivators out there.

17. Offer small, consistent rewards - small, consistent rewards can be better than large annual ones

18. Change the scenery - a small shift of scenery can provide a big shift in motivation

19. Practice and promote mindfulness - take time out of your day to slow down and practice mindfulness

20. Have fun - Find little bits of fun in everyday activities

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