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Tips on how to improve your company website at Basepoint’s latest Networking Hub


Approximately 35 local businesses attended The Newhaven Enterprise Centre’s monthly ‘Networking Hub’, a popular free business networking event, on Thursday 20th June, for an insightful talk on how to build a truly successful company website.

Guest speakers, Richard Russell and Susan Beckingham from Solid Web Strategies, spoke about why so many websites fail to produce effective results, as well as the common mistakes that are often made and how to rectify them.

They went onto discuss how search engines rank websites, and explained that everything from a spelling mistake to a lack of accessibility can affect the way search engines produce results. Richard and Susan, who both have several years’ experience in the IT and marketing sectors, suggested regularly updating websites and enlisting the help of a professional to ensure the website is coded correctly for a better standing and more chances of traffic flowing to the site.

Roxanne Haid, centre manager at the Basepoint operated business centre, comments: “The speakers’ advice was really informative and useful, and successfully showed attendees how to effectively grow their business via the internet. We hope everyone took something away from the discussion and made some beneficial contacts.”