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Licensee Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary at Basepoint


Barbican Logistics have been a licensee of Basepoint Andover for 10 years. The centre recognised this milestone with a gift of biscuits for the office and some wine.

Lucy Middleton, General Manager, comments "We are always thrilled to celebrate a long term clients anniversary. This shows that they have been happy and productive based within the centre and client retention means so much to us".

Barbican Logistics is a private and family owned company started in 2007, but, with subsidiary companies Barbican Logistics (Spain) and Monock Freight Ltd they trace their roots back to the 1960s.

Barbican Logistics will provide a full door to door international service by air including the collection from the origin and the final mile delivery.

They provide specialist and bespoke packaging and transport containers for the safe and secure transport of precious materials and products.

To find out more please visit: https://www.barbicanlogistics.com/