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Merry Christmas


Looking forward to spending some time with family and friends over the festive period

It has to be said that at this time of year people's focus can be elsewhere: presents to but, meals to plan, family to consider and how to cope with tricky Uncle Jack after he's quaffed one too many glasses of prosecco! A time of fun and family, but for some a time of stress and despair. For these things, be they positives or negatives, Basepoint can do little, but as people we can do something. Although large corporations claim to have the secret of a successful and enjoyable Christmas, we all know that is not the truth. Drinking a red-canned soft drink is not going to bring Santa skipping across your roof top, neither is eating a particular burger brand going to change Uncle Jack's predisposal to the 'merryment juice'.

Advertising will have us believe that buying a particular brand, or drinking a particular drink will ensure a harmonious and joyous festive season. We all know it to be a lie and yet, we all hope it to be true. However, the truth of the matter is that only people can affect our mood and our enjoyment of any situation or celebration. Whenever I speak to people about Christmas, without fail they talk about the people they will be with, who they're visting or who are visiting them. Christmas is not about product, Christmas is about people! As it is in Christmas, so it is in life.

Doing business is about people: relationships, trust, encouragement. This is not a business model, it a life model. Let us not forget that as we go to spend time with our loved ones, or maybe not, that life does not stop. Our suppliers, our clients, our colleagues are all still there, and may be struggling with this time of year, or may be rejoicing in this time of year. Let us remember that even a kind word has the capacity to change a situation, phoning someone could change their day. Business may be quieter now, but the voice of humanity never seems to diminish. Let us celebrate our humanity!