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New Year- New Adventures


As we launch into 2019, what adventures are we willing to take?

'Life is like a box of chocoalates, you never know what you're gonna get!' says Forrest Gump. A man with a simple view on life, who by 'normal' standards would not be successful in the modern world. Yet, it was not his intelligence that was ever brought to bear on a situation: it was his resilience, his fortitude and his ability to run with whatever life threw at him. He was at peace and comfortable in his own skin. This made him dangerous to the status quo but equally, made him successful. His success was not rooted in the opinion of others, arguably he did not see himself as successful or not, he only saw what he needed to do and did it. This lead to adventures that most of us can only dream of!

So my question is: in 2019, what adventures are you willing to take? What is going to cross your path that you can grab with both hands? Many of us, including myself, are limited by the what-if's; what if it doesn't work out, what if I can't pay the bills, what if......? Of course decisions we make have to ensure that we can still put food on the table, but all great people have included risk in their lives. This year are we going to maintain the status quo, or are we going to live more adventurously? What do you want to do, what do you want to see?

Wherever you want to go in business and in life- this year is your year!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!  May it be full of adventure and success!!!!